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Fernanda studerar Modist

Fernanda Zavala

Milliner 400p (Modist 400p)

Bachelor in Visual Merchandising

Why did you apply for the millinery programme?

I am originally from Mexico and moved to Gothenburg about four years ago. I attended the Open House at Tillskärarakademin and I found it such an inspiring place. I decided to take a weekend class in hatmaking and after that I applied for the full time millinery program. Now it really feels like I have discovered a new world.

What have you learned so far?

For me everything is new. I did not do crafts before and I have gained so much knowledge and learned many new techniques within the millinery craftmanship. Now I feel like there are no limits. It is not a question of if I am going to be able to do a specific task or not, the question is: what do I want to do.

How did your interest for hats and millinery start?

As a child I had a favourite cartoon character, who always wore a red slouch hat together with a long red coat. Since then I have had a certain thing for hats and coats. I like that it takes a lot of personality to go out wearing a hat, and how a hat makes such a great impact to the overall look.

What is it like to study at Tillskärarakademin?

Challenging and very inspiring.

What is your plan after you have finished your degree?

I would like to start up my own millinery studio, but first I want to get more experience within the millinery industry. Eventually I would like to have a more art-influenced career and make head pieces for the stage.

Would you recommend the school to others?

Definitely. It is very motivating and inspiring. Besides the millinery craft I feel that I have learned how to approach work-related problems and creative challenges in new and different ways.

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