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Technical designer

200 credits, Higher Vocational Education-programme

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High demand

As a technical designer, you are the link between design and production. Together with the designer, you go through the sketches for upcoming collections and create measurement lists, detail instructions and all technical specification documents required for production. You manage fittings together with the design team, comment on and respond to first samples as well as adjusting patterns.


This profession requires a good sense for fit and very good knowledge in and experience of various computer programs for design and markers. You also need to be good at time management and organising your own work.


The programme

In this programme, you will learn all the elements of production that a technical designer is required to know, including computer-based pattern design, model development, fit and grading. We mainly use Lectra, which is one of the leading software systems for computer-based pattern design on the market. You will also have the chance to work digitally in 3D. 


The programme is divided into different projects: skirt, blouse, dress, jacket and trousers. All projects involve detail sewing, where you learn how to adapt the sewing to an industrial manner, adhering to the production procedure and evaluate the quality. Knowledge of sewing is essential for an understanding of how different garments are designed before they are ready for production.


This is a very intense year and you will need a good amount of previous knowledge of manual pattern design and sewing. In case you didn’t take the handcrafts-programmes at college, we recommend you to first take our Pattern Design and Sewing-foundation programme, or equivalent.


The programme also includes a 6 weeks long internship (LIA) at one of the companies within the clothing industry, as well as a 4 weeks long degree project.

This programme is partly given in English.

Upon completion of my studies

Once you have graduated from the Technical Designer-programme, you are eligible to work as a technical designer, pattern designer, production manager, detail sewing technician, buying – or design assistant. 


Why should I train as a technical designer?

There is a high demand for knowledgeable technical designers/pattern designers at fashion – and clothing companies and most of our students are employed straight after graduating. Once you are in the industry, you will quickly be able to advance your experience. There are great opportunities to specialise your skills and have a career at one of the leading fashion companies, or to work at other companies in Sweden or abroad.

Omfattning 3 år, heltid


Studieort: Göteborg

Ansökan Senast 15 april 2018 

Studiemedelsberättigad: Ja (xx)


Mer information på CSN:s hemsida

Yrkeshögskoleutbildning under tillsyn av Myndigheten för yrkeshögskolan


Name of Programme:

Technical designer 200 credits


Course structure:

full-time studies Monday to Friday 


Programme start:

August 2023


Deadline for applications:

17th of April 2023


Entry requirements 

You will need to have basic qualifications. This entails that in order to be admitted, you are required to have: 

  • completed a gymnasium degree at a gymnasium or a municipal adult education, or 

  • completed a Swedish or foreign course corresponding to the requirements in point 1, or  

  • be a resident of Denmark, Finland, Iceland or Norway, where you are eligible for an equivalent course, or 

  • through a Swedish or foreign course, practical experience or due to other circumstances be qualified for the course


Prerequisite requirements 

Gymnasium degree from the Crafts-course, Textile Design or equivalent experience from other course

Study location:


Study allowance :

As a student of this programme, you are eligible for study allowance, and the course is part of section B1 of CSN. To learn more about what applies to your individual case, we recommend you to contact CSN as soon as possible.


Cost of material

In order to complete the course, you will need some course materials, literature, and other study materials. At the start of the course, you will be offered the opportunity to deposit 4000 Swedish kronor into a clearance account. 


Questions and answers:

Contact us by phone (+46)31-152275 or email


Educational form:

Higher Vocational Education programme

Myndigheten för Yrkeshögskolan


Detail- and clothing sewing

Degree project
Technical sketching  
Internship- LIA
Material theory

Pattern design and grading

Production and buying


 25 credits
 25 credits
 20 credits
 30 credits
 5 credits

 90 credits

5 credits

200 credits

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