Stage costume and historical costume

400 credits, Higher Vocational Education-programme

Our history with a modern cut

This is the only programme offered in Sweden for you who want to work with stage costume and historical costumes suitable for the high demands of the stage.


The programme

In this programme you will learn to interpret sketches, draw and adapt patterns and make both men’s and women’s historical costumes. We start from within, with underdresses such as corsets, petticoat support, petticoats, shirts and then we work our way outwards. You will be sewing all garments that make a complete costume, such as skirt, waistcoat, jacket and costume jacket. You will also be making, for example, historical hats and shoes that go with your costumes.


During the programme, you will gain insight into other types of handcraft and specialised techniques for the stage, such as upholstery and figure padding, uniform, tutu, dyeing, distressing, make-up and masque.


In order to apply for this programme, you need to have good knowledge of sewing and pattern design. You also need to have a strong interest in historical costumes and how to create costumes suitable for the high demands of the stage.


The programme includes a 12 weeks long internship (LIA) in a sewing studio at one of the country’s theatres or opera houses, which is an important part of your studies.

Upon completion of my studies  

The Stage Costume and Historical Costumes-programme is specialised and unique, and there are no equivalent programmes offered in Sweden. Once you have graduated after the two years, you will have gained very good knowledge that enables you to work in a costume workshop. You will be able to work at theatres, opera houses, with dance or within the film industry. Many of our graduates start their own business and work as freelance costumers or pursue careers abroad.


Why should I work with stage costume and historical costumes? 

To work professionally with stage costume and historical costumes for theatres, dance and film is an incredibly creative profession that both requires excellent handcrafting skills and problem solving abilities. This programme will give you a broad foundation and prepare you with a uniquely niched competency for future challenges within the profession.


History of costume


Degree project

Dyeing and costume distressing

Historical hats


History of performing arts

Specialised weeks

Women’s costume 1920-1960

Men’s costume 1920-1960

Historical women’s costume

Historical men’s costume


  10 credits

  5 credits

   40 credits

  10 credits

  10 credits

 60 credits

 5 credits

 30 credits

25 credits

30 credits

 88 credits

87 credits

                  600 credits


Name of Programme:

Stage costume and historical costume

400 credits


Course structure:

Full-time studies Monday to Friday 


Programme start:

Preliminary start August 2020


Deadline for applications:

15th of April 2020


Entry requirements 

You will need to have basic qualifications. This entails that in order to be admitted, you are required to have: 

  • completed a gymnasium degree at a gymnasium or a municipal adult education, or 

  • completed a Swedish or foreign course corresponding to the requirements in point 1, or  

  • be a resident of Denmark, Finland, Iceland or Norway, where you are eligible for an equivalent course, or 

  • through a Swedish or foreign course, practical experience or due to other circumstances be qualified for the course


Prerequisite requirements 

Gymnasium degree from the Crafts-course, Textile Design or equivalent experience from other course

Study location:


Study allowance :

As a student of this programme, you are eligible for study allowance, and the course is part of section B1 of CSN. To learn more about what applies to your individual case, we recommend you to contact CSN as soon as possible.


Cost of material

In order to complete the course, you will need some course materials, literature, and other study materials. At the start of the course, you will be offered the opportunity to deposit 5000 Swedish kronor into a clearance account. 


Questions and answers:

Contact us by phone (+46)31-152275 or email


Educational form:

Higher Vocational Education programme

Myndigheten för Yrkeshögskolan

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