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sewing and pattern design



Pattern design with sewing is the foundation for all work within fashion, tailoring and stage costume.


This is our preparatory programme. It is focused on the technical skills within pattern design and sewing. You will also study colour and form in order to encourage your creative thinking and to develop your individual design process.

The programme

During the programme, you as a student will learn about both garment – and detail sewing and how to design basic patterns as well as more advanced women’s-, men’s and children’s garment designs. You will also learn about alternative techniques, such as draping. You will gain experience on being responsible for the product from the initial idea to the finished garment, and at the end of the year, for a full collection.

Part of the programme you will be working independently, although always supervised and supported by your teacher. There is a lot to learn during this 40 weeks-programme and we work at a pretty high pace. In order to keep up, you need to be knowledgeable of and experienced in sewing.


The programme includes projects, lectures and study visits focused on sustainability.


Upon completion of my studies

After completing your studies, you are eligible to apply to several more advanced programmes within the fields of textile, fashion and art in Sweden or abroad. Many of our students apply for our own Higher Vocational Education-programmes.

Why should I train within the field of pattern design and sewing?

Regardless of whether you view this programme as a great foundation for further studies or if you want to start working straight away, there is an exciting and broad job market here in Sweden. The Swedish fashion industry is growing and there are numerous both small and large fashion companies and clothing retailers who are in need of your expertise. In Sweden alone, the yearly fashion industry turnover is 300 billion Swedish crones.


Name of Programme:

Pattern design with sewing, 40 weeks 


Course structure:

1 year, full-time studies Monday to Friday 


Programme start:

August 2021


Deadline for applications:

15th of April 2021   Open for late application


Entry requirements 

Completed gymnasium or learning disability gymnasium or equivalent education. 


Prerequisite requirements 

No prerequisite requirements

Study location:


Study allowance :

As a student of this programme, you are eligible for study allowance, and the course is part of section A2 of CSN. You are also able to apply for an additional costs-loan with CSN. To learn more about what applies to your individual case, we recommend you to contact CSN as soon as possible. For more information CSN


Course fees:

The course fee for the academic year is 50,000 Swedish kronor. The registration fee is 500 Swedish kronor, which is transferred when applying.


Material costs:

You will be offered the opportunity to deposit 5000 Swedish kronor into a clearance account, which is used for course material, literature and other study materials.


Questions and answers:

Contact us by phone (+46)31-152275 or email


Educational form:

Foundation programme

Arts and Culture Courses, post-secondary level education, Myndigheten för Yrkeshögskolan


Detail sewing            
History of costume  
Färg & Form              

Material science             
Pattern design and garment sewing



  4,0 weeks
              1,0 weeks
       5,0 weeks
            1,0 weeks
   29,0 weeks


40,0 weeks

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