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Det Kongelige Teater


Fernanda Zavala

Utbildning/education TAG:

Modist/Milliner 400p


4 weeks at Det Kongelige Teater in Copenhagen, Denmark

Vad fick du göra? / what did you do at your internship?

I had the opportunity to help with some of the headpieces used for the Cinderella ballet. As well as my own personal projects with the techniques they use at the theatre

Vad känner du att du har lärt dig av din praktik hittills? / What did you learn at your internship?

I feel I got so much for this experience, there is so much to say about this. Theatre was not what I had in mind when I applied to this education but during my studies I grow more interested about it, it is an amazing branch of the modiste world. I feel I learned not only about material or techniques, but also about myself, I am more aware of the fact that during this past year and a half I have actually learned something, I wasn't feeling that confident before I went on my internship. I acknowledged that there is so much more to learn and experience but I don't feel afraid any longer but quite excited instead.

Hur viktig tror du att praktiken är för din typ av utbildning? / How important do you think the internship is? 

It is really important, we get a glimpse of what the “real world” looks like. Like any craftsmanship it only gets better with time and experience. So I think is a great opportunity to get advice and new methods from different professionals.

Hur ser du på framtiden efter examen? / How do you look at the future after graduation?

I would definitely love to continue working with my hands in an atelier. But I am not sure if I would open my own shop. Personally, what motivates me is the creation of a concept, the story that is behind the piece, this makes my work quite… peculiar. 

I think I would like to continue to crate pieces in my own “expression language”, maybe more in an artistic way than a ready to wear sense.


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