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Nina Fjellström

Yrkesexamen 2021

Manual for patterns to be published on [a]industri’s profile on CLO-SET CONNECT

In March 2021 the 3D software CLO released CLO-SET CONNECT, an online marketplace where users can share their 3D work. User generated content like patterns, fabrics, trims and accessories can be bought and sold, or downloaded for free.

The purpose of this project was to create a manual with guidelines and technical specifications required for patterns to be published on [a]industri’s profile on CLO-SET CONNECT.

By letting creators apply the guidelines of the manual to their patterns, the company wants to create a platform on CLO-SET CONNECT where professional, ready-for-production patterns can be shared among creators and over time grow into an Open-Source library where the quality is assured.


Nina Fjellström

Instagram: ninafjellstrom

LinkedIn: nina-fjellström-baa5301a4

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